Have a "bloody" good time!


Here at The Life of the Party makeup department, we like having a "bloody" good time, and Ben Nye’s blood product are here to help!
Ben Nye offers you many great products for your effects needs.  One of the top products is Ben Nye "Stage Blood" which has a "zesty mint" flavor (peppermint).  Ben Nye Stage Blood is completely safe for your mouth and has many realistic qualities.  From its vivid dark red coloring to its wonderful medium flowing viscosity, Ben Nye Stage Blood has been used exclusively in many feature films.  Pair our Ben Nye Stage Blood with the Ben Nye Gel Capsules for easy mouth blood FX.  Just fill the gel capsule with blood, place in mouth, bite down on capsule when needed and let the blood flow!  Use to fill blood squibs and squeeze bulbs for slashing and stabbing.  Add to "wounds" for a more realistic appearance.  This blood will drip beautifully from knives and bodies both! Available in .05 FL oz. to 32 FL oz!
Need to make easy, quick, three dimensional wounds?  Ben Nye has you covered with their "Fresh Scab" gel blood product!  Fresh Scab offers a realistic, brownish-red blood tint for older, drying, blood clotting FX.  Fresh Scab does not dry completely, but does "scab" over for realistic wounds. 
For quick "zombie" bites, apply thickly to neck, arm, leg, etc. with a makeup spatula in an irregular oval shape.  Add a few drips of stage blood and allow to set up.  For scratch marks, use a spatula to apply in uneven lines on back, face, arm.  Available in 1 oz. to 16 oz. jars.
"Thick Blood" has a jam like texture, is moist and is great as a fresh wound filler.  Thick Blood has a vivid red color; darkness depends on how thickly it is applied. Use for stab wounds, cuts and bullet holes for extra dimension.  Apply Thick Blood with a stipple sponge for abrasions or road rash.  Apply thinly with a makeup spatula  for a "peeled skin" look.  Available in .05 oz. to 16 oz. jar.
Please be aware that all Ben Nye blood products are heavily pigmented and may temporarily stain skin and permanently stain fabric.  Please test before use!
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Ben Nye Mass Casualty Blood Powder 3oz/85gm Moulage, Horror, fort collins Zombie
Ben Nye Thick Blood zombie and Moulage for the professional makeup artists.
Ben Nye Complete Blood Capsule Pack  GB-0