Let us help you achieve cosplay perfection with our terrific selection of thermoplastics for costuming, armor and prop building check out the whole line of thermal materials from  Cosplayflex. 

  • Excellent modeling abilities
  • Fine surface structure
  • Easy to handle even for beginners
  • No toxic fumes (indoor friendly)
  • Can be painted and lacquered (without primer)
  • Reactivated be heat anytime ( 90 ° C )
  • Processing time up to several minutes
  • Reasonably priced.
Cosplayflex Clear Thermoplastic for Cosplay Armor, Props, Modelling
Cosplayflex For Cosplay, Armor, Props, Costume Thermoplastic
Cosplayflex Thermoplastic Pebbles, 4oz. Cosplay, Crafts, Molding, USA Seller
Cosplayflex-The Worbla Alternative Cosplay, Armor, Prop, Costume 1/2 Sheet