Mehron Paradise AQ   Cosplay and Face Painters Delight!

           Mehron Paradise AQ   Cosplay and Face Painters Delight!

Have you ever worked on your cosplay or costume for weeks only to be stymied by how to do the characters skin markings or purple, pink or blue skin color?  Do you have a talent for drawing and want to make extra money for yourself, school or organization by face painting? 

Well we here at The Life Of The Party are proud to offer Mehron Paradise AQ for all your cosplay, costuming or face painting needs!
Paradise AQ is one of our favorite products in the store!  Paradise AQ is a water based, semi-soft, wax free cake makeup.  Co-created by world famous body artist and painter Jinny Houle, Paradise AQ  is a favorite among  many professional body painters.  Mehron. Inc recently sponsored "Skin Wars" which featured many of their body painting products including Paradise AQ.

Paradise AQ is made in the USA and uses only FDA approved ingredients.  Paradise AQ features a longer drying time for superior blending capabilities.  Paradise AQ is available in over 40 different colors.

Paradise AQ is made with Chamomile and Aloe added to the base ingredients of Glycerine and Talc.  This makes Paradise AQ safe, gentle and nourishing to the skin.  To give Paradise AQ its rich, vibrant, even color application coco butter, coconut essence, avocado oil, cucumbers and more are added to each and every cake.  But what most of our customers notice first is the wonderful smell!  Each brilliant colored cake smells deliciously of coconut!  

Paradise AQ is idea for tiny details or full body coverage!  Easy to apply with a damp Hydra Sponge or brush, Paradise AQ drys completely and is easy to seal with a spray "fixative" such as Mehron Barrier Spray or Ben Nye Final Seal.
Here at The Life Of The Party we carry Paradise AQ  proudly!  We offer the .25oz Paradise Single Refills and the larger 1.4oz  professional size Paradise AQ.  We also carry the Paradise AQ 8 color palettes (Basic, Pastel, Tropical, Nuance and Brilliant Metallic), 30 color pallet (great for beginning face painters, schools and organizations) and 12 color professional pallets!
Prices range from $5.50-$7.95 for the single refills to $125.00 for the large professional pallets.

We also carry the multicolor Prisma cakes. 
These large rectangular cakes offer an incredible array of colors in each package.  Perfect for doing one brush rainbows to flowers to skulls.  Great for easy, quick designs. 
Paradise AQ is easily removed with soap and water and is designed for easy cleanup of brushes and sponges.
So come by The life Of The Party to see Fort Collins most comprehensive body and face paint collection,
or order from us right here at Life Of the Party World Wide .com we can ship to you anywhere in the world!
As with any makeup, people with allergies or sensitivities should test a small amount of Paradise AQ on the inside of the elbow.  Wait at least 30 minutes before removing.  Check for redness, rash or irritation. If you have ANY issues with difficulty breathing or swelling of the throat, remove immediately and consult your medical provider.  



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