Have you been looking high and low for a perfect, silky powder for your skin tone?
Well your search is over!  Ben Nye has what you need in their Luxury and Classic powder collections.
Ben Nye Luxury Powders fall into two groups.  Bella- for lighter skin tones and include Cameo, Buff, Beige Suede, Banana, Pretty Pink and Rose Petal.  The other, Mojave is for darker skin tones and include Camel, Dolce, Olive Sand, Clay, Nutmeg, Ebony and Dark Cocoa.
Bella powders are perfect for setting foundations, reducing shine, highlighting and enhancing light and medium skin tones.  These powders are micro-milled and translucent with just a hint of color.
Mojave powders are perfect for setting foundations, reducing shine and enhancing  olive and brown skin tones.  These powders are micro-milled and translucent with just the perfect hint of color.  These powders won't make your skin look chalky or ashy.
Ben Nye powders

The Powders

Cameo is  translucent beige-pink tone.
Buff is  translucent beige with pink tones.
Beige-Suede is  translucent beige with brown tones.
Banana, our most popular, is  translucent beige with yellow tones.
Pretty Pink is  translucent rose tones.
Rose Petal is  the most translucent with softer rosey hues.
Camel is  translucent with yellow golden tones.
Dolce is translucent with orange golden tones.
Olive Sand is translucent deep warm tan.
Clay is translucent golden deep tan.
Nutmeg is translucent golden orange dark tan.
Dark Cocoa is a translucent warm dark deep tan.
Ebony is a translucent dark deep neutral brown.
Of course the most famous of these powders is the Ben Nye Banana Powder.  Many olive skinned women swear by this powder to soften and highlight the area under the eyes.  It is also great for helping to conceal  dark circles under the eye.  Nothing beats Ben Nye powders for theatrical wear, photo shoots or even everyday wear.  Superior matte finish and oil absorption. Buy several in different shades and blend them or use individually for the perfect look.



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